Do you have an Emergency or a Question about your Turbo Gearbox?

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RENK Systems Gearbox Inspections Turbo Services
Gearbox Inspections Turbo Services

NDT Non Destructive Testing

  • Ultrasonic testing (conventional, phased array) for gear wheels, pinions, bearings.

  • Magnetic particle testing for gear wheels, pinions.

  • Dye penetrant testing for gear wheels1, pinions1, bearings.

1  but uneconomical

Preventive maintenance schedule for Turbo Gears Ensure longevity of your equipment!

Depending on the number of years of operation or operating hours since commissioning or the last maintenance work, we recommend the following RENK standard inspections:

RENK-MAAG Maintenance Inspection Schedule

Manufacturing lead times for spare parts

Keep in mind that even under the best conditions, it will take several months for spare bearings or rotors to be delivered.  Please be aware of the current lead times for turbo sparts.

Product Lead Time
Set of rotors 7 to 11 months
Set of bearings 3 to 6 months
Set of oil scrapers/baffles 3 to 4 months
Set of instrumentation 3 to 6 months
Tooth couplings 6 to 9 months

We recommend holding the following key components in stock:

  • 1 spare set of rotors

  • 1 spare set of bearings

  • 1 spare set of oil scrapers

  • 1 spare set of instrumentation