RENK GMX Turbo Gearbox
RENK GMX High Speed Gearbox

High Speed gearboxes of RENK-Group are always designed for their specific application.  The gearboxes can be supplied with wheelsets with double or single-helical toothing and with or without thrust collar.

  • Single or double helical, parallel shaft gear units for compressor drives (with casted or welded casings)

  • Integral gear units (Multicom®) for increased efficiency and footprint reduction

  • Epicyclic gear units for Gas Turbine – Generator Drive where space is limited

  • Vacuum gear units (HET® and etaX®) for Gas Turbine – Generator Drive

  • Clutch gear units for energy recovery

  • Variable-speed drive system (RECOVAR®) for compressor and pump systems

RENK Systems Corporation is the sales representative of RENK Group in the US and Canada.

For more information, visit RENK Group High-Speed Gear Units & RENK-MAAG High Speed Gearboxes.