We offer 24/7 customer service.  Please call +1.281.989.7007

RENK Systems Corporation offers end-to-end services for all RENK turbo, industrial and marine gearboxes in North America.

Professional, swift and customer focused this is our dynamic service team.  Our service technicians work tirelessly all year round to install and maintain gearboxes for our customers.  Any necessary repairs are undertaken on site wherever possible.

In the event of more complex issues, such as vibrations in the train, we provide professional assistance which could include a vibration measurement and analysis by our testbed specialists.

In our facility, we have:

  • 7,500 sq. m workshop
  • 4,500 sq. m under crane
  • 10 t crane with upgrade possible to 20 t
  • Mobile Conex box with full compliment of installation and commissioning tools
  • 2 service vehicles (pickup truck)

Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers.  They appreciate having a competent and reliable partner our RENK team.