Increase your plant efficiency and profitability with tailor-made couplings designed and produced by RENK Group.

Mechanical Couplings

Couplings play a key role in mechanical engineering as torque-transmission and error-equalization elements.  We produce many different types of couplings, such as disc, diaphragm or tooth couplings.  RENK-MAAG also specializes in Synchronous Clutch Couplings, which are used in the marine sector as well as in industry.

Technical benefits of using RENK-MAAG Clutch Couplings:

  • Compact train arrangement with less bearings due to integrated gear coupling for high power density
  • Excellent operational behaviour and reliability due to robust design and less parts
  • Wear-free due to hydrodynamic lubrication
  • Tailored design and features to match customer needs

For more information or a customized quotation, please contact our US sales representative:

RENK Systems Corporation +1 317-455-1367 or email RSCSales at renksystems dot com.