RENK Systems Gearbox Maintenance Service Life
RENK Gearbox Maintenance Service Life

Regular maintenance means long operating life.

Maintenance Schedule

Depending on the number of years of operation or operating hours since commissioning or the last maintenance work, we recommend the following RENK standard inspections:

  • Run-in Inspection
    Within first year of operation

  • Minor Inspection
    A brief check through the inspection cover provides an overview of the gearbox condition

  • Major Overhaul
    This large-scale check involves dismantling, cleaning and re-assembling the gearbox

  • If necessary, individual components or worn parts are replaced. This will be the right time for a non-destructive testing (NDT)

RENK Systems Gearbox NDT Maintenance Inspection Schedule

NDT Maintenance - Inspection Schedule

After each inspection or overhaul, our service technicians will provide you on the spot with a system report containing the following points of importance to safety and optimum availability:

  • General condition of the gearbox

  • Possible and detected defects

  • Recommended spare parts

  • Due date and scope of next inspection